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Kto12 Pointers : Aligning to the New Competencies


Welcome to Rex Interactive, the online educational portal for teachers, students, parents, and school administrators! Get the best of the Total Rex Learning Package with innovative and easy-to-use tools and materials, all specially designed to cater to the needs of today’s learners.

What is Technology Enhancement CD (TEC) ?

A new feature of Rex Interactive is the Technology Enhancement CD (TEC) - a teaching companion that provides teachers with a repertoire of instructional materials (IMs) that they can use to prepare effective lessons. This product is designed to supplement the TRM available for Grade School and High School titles for Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English and Filipino...

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Instructional Materials

Practice Excercises

Visual Presentations

Under the basic education titles, carefully planned and visually appealing presentations are available in this section. Selections range from digital storybooks, PowerPoint presentations, short movies, video presentations, and Flash movies.

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Practice Excercises

Audio Companions

Some of the popular media for learning are songs, poems, short stories, narratives, speeches, dialogs, and the likes. Thanks to the rise of the Internet, has these materials for you in just one click.

Select the subject area and grade level applicable to you. You may also download a sample audio companion from the list below.

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Practice Excercises

Ready-to-Print Exercises

Activity sheets are among the many instructional materials that remain effective in honing the student’s critical thinking skills as well as in keeping him interested in the subject matter.

Select the grade level and subject area suitable to you. Samples of activity sheets can also be downloaded.

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Practice Excercises

Answer Keys

These are the answer keys for the activity sheets and paper-based games.

Knowledge Channel Videos

Knowledge Channel Videos

These are web links to video episodes produced by the Knowledge Channel that cover different subject areas such as English, Filipino, Science, Math, and Social Studies.

Useful Links

Useful Links

These are internet links to educational websites that contain additional activities, worksheets, and lessons that enrich the topics found in the worktext.

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